automating, building and graphing the world


Like many I dream of what might be in terms of Home Automation. I can't wait for the day that mainstream manufacturers start producing consumer products that are interconnectable and semi-intelligent. This is, unfortunately, unlikely to happen in the very near future and it's something I don't want to wait around for. As a result we are pretty much left to our own devices (pun intended). So here it is, my vision of our future home, it may get a little far fetched in places but this is the dream, not the reality...

06:30 - Alarm clock goes off, playing our favourite music. I climb out of bed, it's nice and warm because the house had already turned on the heating.

07:00 - It's a weekday so my appointments for the day are displayed on the various monitors around the house, they are also announced. Working for a forward thinking company, I note that I have to do the boss' appraisal today. I'll dress smart. The house has already taken the headache out of selecting my suit, shirt, tie etc.. In fact it ensures that the same combination is not worn within the same month, usefull for giving the illusion of a much extended wardrobe.

07:20 - I climb into the pre-run, heated bath and decide to catch up on the latest news. As the house reads the headlines I say "more" and the detail of the current headline is read out to me.

08:10 - I climb out of the bath and the house blow-dries me with nice warm air. I notice the automated vacuum cleaner toddle past as it does it's rounds.

08:15 - Dressed, I sit down for breakfast. The house butler robot has already prepared it, all I have to do is eat. The plates are automatically removed and washed afterwards.

08:35 - The car has been pre-heated and the car rotated to face out. As I close the car door the garage door opens and the house alarm activates. it's off to work.

Time passes...

18:10 - As I leave work, a list of callers is displayed on the in car touch screen, I tap Jennie's name to watch the video message. The car goes into automatic pilot and plays the message. After watching the message I also note that there has been a delivery which the house butler has taken care of.

18:30 - As I approach the house the garage door opens. The car drives in and the garage door closes.

18:32 - The house knows that I like to have a cup of coffee when I get in from work and had already prepared it for me. As I drink it I note from the screen beside me that my stocks and shares have rocketed. The house asks me if I want it to send the electronic resignation letter it has prepared in advance. I glance over at the house butler with a smile on my face... the house sends the email.

19:00 - I put on my pre-warmed coat and gloves and take the dogs out for a walk, it's the only chore I have, and I love it.

The dream is subject to change without notice