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I'm generally not happy about putting email addresses on my web pages there are far too many people who seem to think tht spam is a good thing and trawl the web collecting addresses. I do however understand that you might have some questions about my website and some of the things that I'm doing. So if you want to contact me and ask questions the email address is

Please note that:

I do not require a penis extention.
I do not need Viagra.
I do not want the addresses of porn web sites.
I do not have a weight problem.
My credit rating is fine.
I do not want to join a get rich quick scheme.
I have no need of an object that's so useless it can't be sold in the shops.

...and there are so many more...

Spam email is theft! Theft of other peoples resources and time. All spam is tracked and reported.

If you have a genuine query or question regarding this website or its content then please feel free to contact me...