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This page lists and links most of the sites that I visit on a regular basis for information, reviews and of course the purchases! I've split them up into three main sections:

People I owe thanks to
Places to go for information
Places to buy stuff from

Special thanks:

Solarfish - Graham helped me understand stylesheets and he's done quite a bit of commercial web site design.

Q the Modmeister - reboxed a DDAR at the expense of many dremel bits!.

Places for information

Automated Home - This is the place to start your journey. Full of information and reviews

Krazy Keith's - An electrical wizz this bloke, check out the KAT5 units he's working on.

Homeseer - The Keware website, home of... Homeseer

Places to buy

Let's Automate - What can I say? Service is second to none.. excellent service knowledable staff.

Laser - This is the company I brought my first X10 kit from. Friendly folks these!

Intellihome - If you live in Central Europe give them a try. Not as big a selection as Let's Automate but they do have some things Let's Automate don't. Online advisor too.