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In about 1996 I stumbled across a website explaining how it was possible to control lights and appliances from a PC without having to run any extra cabling. This sparked my interest somewhat as I'd always watched programs like Star Trek and wished that I could walk into a room and say "lights on" - and of course they would. 

The site where it all started for me was of course Automated Home. This is definitely THE place to start if you want to know more about Home Automation, particularly for the UK. The site is so popular in fact that it has spawned both a mailing list and an IRC channel.

Please feel free to wander around the site, hopefully it will give you an insight into some of what is possible with Home Automation.

For more information on what Home Automation entails, what you can buy and what is possible click on the About menu button

Performed an update to the Rabbit ethernet enabled temperature monitor page.

I've updated the Temperature monitoring section, making the pagename "Misc" and also "Misc." since it wasn't always being picked up properly by some email and irc clients.

Errk, had to change my icq number... forgot the password, so lost it when rebuilding my laptop... grrr new number is: 302511202